Bespoke eCommerce Systems, Developed on your requirements

EB2BE: an eCommerce Platform developed as a base for any Bespoke eCommerce Solution

Modular, Flexible, Optimises Development Costs, Maximises Reliability, Security and Performance

  • A large spectrum of innovative modules and functions developed in-house
  • Modular architecture, completely customizable;
  • Created on your information flow, on your organisational structure and your reporting requirements
  • Custom built modules, functions, reports and automation to give you a real advantage on the market
  • Built for your specific market, custom-made modules to gather industry-specific information
  • Innovative A.I. solutions, this Salesman has brains and may become pretty quickly the "Seller of the months" for years. Does not require coffee breaks.
  • Fast, Intuitive, Secure, Solid, Web-based, Cloud-hosted
  • Interconnected with various platforms: Advanced MiXCRM Systems, SMS, Payment, Internal ERP or software, Delivery, Mobile apps, other existing software
  • Certain platforms developed by us for specific markets are available also as SaaS subscription to offer a great tool without initial developing costs.
  • Integration or development along with a MiXCRM / Web Design for Business solution is highly recommended to increase the real results for your business
  • By using and constantly upgrading EB2BE Platform as a base for your Bespoke developed Online Store we can offer a very competitive price for the best available technology. All upgrades in EB2BE will take immediate effect on your eCommerce system without any additional costs.

We understand your business, we understand your market, we understand your future

The Story: This is how we build the best Bespoke eCommerce Solutions (Online Stores) for our clients

The first step is to describe us your business, your information flow, the reports that you would love to see, the automation that you would like to have. Use your imagination, fell like writing to Santa Clause. Because in Bespoke Software Development we are Santa Clause, we can deliver (almost) everything. In fact, where your imagination stops, we start inventing.

Tell us your job requirements and we will build a team member that you will love to hire.

Based on your presentation we will add our vast cross-markets experience and technical skills and we will propose you a project. Often, our clients cannot imagine everything we are able to develop, so we will tell you in a project what we can build for you. Reading that project you may find some very attractive, innovative features.

Logic Industry® - since 1999 we offer exclusively custom-built software solutions using the latest technologies to clients across the world. Read about us - and ask for a quote here:

Let's talk!

Let's talk about your requirements and your organisation's needs.
We can develop the perfect Online Store for you, so you do not have to adapt to an existing software built on an abstract, ideal, organisation. We build exactly what your market needs.